Dove Step 2 – Your questions answered!

There has been a lot of interest and a few questions come in via the social networks over the last few days. So I will try and answer them all here! 
  • Firstly, you can support our efforts via the JustGiving page here; all funds go directly to the RSPB for use by Operation Turtle Dove.
  • Last year we raised £3000 which Operation Turtle Dove used for Turtle Dove friendly habitat creation in the East of England.
  • If you are not able to support our fundraising efforts this year then please add a Dove Step Twibbon to your Twitter and Facebook profiles; Sharing is caring!
  • Our journey will commence on the 18th April with two days of kayaking – covering 21 nautical miles / 25 miles – the equivalent of a channel crossing.
  • We will then start cycling from Calais on the morning of 20th April covering 90 miles a day for six days to arrive in Bordeaux on 25th April.
  • Our final leg is a further six days of walking 25 miles a day taking us to the Spanish border.
  • Our overall aim with the Dove Step campaign is to raise both funds and awareness for Operation Turtle Dove.
  • Over the course of four journeys (this year is our second) we wish to create a self propelled line from Saltholme RSPB reserve in the north east of England all the way to Africa. Mimicking the migratory route of Turtle Doves.
We also have some good Turtle Dove news to report! New RSPB research (part funded by Operation Turtle Dove partner Natural England) has proven the benefits of habitat creation for Turtle Doves and also how they could be administered via the agri-enviormental schemes. This is gratifying as our fundraising to date equated to 9 hectares of installed Turtle Dove habitat. Knowing that this on-the-ground change is best placed to help Turtle Doves is good impetus to keep on enduring!
Turtle Dove plots installed following last years fundraising.

Turtle Dove plots installed following last years fundraising.

I would also like to take the chance to thank a couple of people whom have made this years Dove Step journey eminently more achievable and affordable; Mr Sven Wair and Mr Edward Waterston.
Sven Wair already keeps a watchful eye over proceedings and coordinates with our next of kin and the press whilst we are on the road. Added to this invaluable work he will be driving a support vehicle whilst we walk from Bordeaux to the Spanish border. This vehicle will allow us to stow food, water and our tents whilst we walk during the day massively relieving the stress upon, what will be by then, fatigued bodies. Aside from the functional benefits of a support vehicle I can think of any one I would rather see at the end of each day and share this years Dove Step journey with.
Ed Waterston is our cycle leg team leader this year. In addition to cycling 540 miles he is also going beyond to ensure our bikes are transported back to the UK without issue. This leaves us to concentrate 100% on walking each day without the bind of having to store and package our bikes then get them home ourselves.
These selfless acts will vastly increase the likelihood of our completing this years journey and also make the endurance much more comfortable.
Sven, Ed, thank you.
DS2 info graphic

You can re-live Dove Step 1 here;

Be sure to check out Operation Turtle Dove here; 

Buy your Dove Step beer here;

Check out Dove Step sponsor Bridgedale Socks here;

Check out Dove Step sponsor Wild Frontier Ecology here;

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… and of course please keep checking back here for updates!


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