Maltese Referendum – moving forward…

Here the outward show is nothing, it is the inward purpose that counts. So the ‘Gods’ dwindle and the humble supplant them. Pretence is useless.’

Captain Scott – 5 May, 1911

This quote was left, along with a donation on our JustGiving page, by West Suffolk birder and upmost gent Mr Darren Underwood. I felt emotional reading it.
Not least because of the huge affections I feel for Captain Scott and his son but also because of the strain left by the failure of the Maltese referendum on Spring hunting today.

Fingers crossed the Maltese vote 'NO' to Spring hunting.

Time is a healer and however validated the shooting lobby feel in this instance, there are many things that shall outlive the referendum: The EU for starters, Birdlife Malta for seconds and of course the Dove Step campaign.
This year is only the second of four planned journeys to leave a self propelled line from Saltholme RSPB all the way to Africa.
Dove Step gives a group of friends, dedicated to enacting change, a huge output through the planning, training, executing and promoting of each journey.
To speak for myself; I cannot imagine how I would deal with the flagrant disrespect shown by Maltese shooters if I wasn’t about to exert for Turtle Doves, for 14 days and across 700 miles.
Darren also tweeted an acute reminder as to why we are so invested in the Dove Step campaign and Operation Turtle Dove:
My local patch Turtle Dove records: a single flock of 165 birds on 12/08/1990; total count for 2014, zero #longmelford #extinct
Despite the disappointment of today’s referendum result there are glimmers of hope:
  • Malta is a microcosm of the European Union albeit a damaging one.
  • The ignorance of a proportion of the population doesn’t colour all the islanders.
  • All other EU member states have outlawed (legal) shooting of Turtle Dove in the Spring.
  • There are individuals such as Fiona Burrows on the ground, risking personal safety to protect migrant birds.
  • The referendum has raised the shooting of Turtle Dove and other migrants at international level; gaining column inches and reaction from both the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ camps.
  • Operation Turtle Dove, inclusive of its partners, are working to support Turtle Doves across their range.
  • ‘Our’ Turtle Doves at least avoid the eastern flyway over Malta used predominantly by Balkan breeders.
  • The Dove Step team won’t stop over a referendum result, online detractors or any barrier to stabilisation of the European Turtle Dove population.
Please support our fundraising and the objectives of Operation Turtle Dove, which comprises of three parts:
  1. building on research into the Turtle Dove breeding grounds in England

  2. establishing feeding habitat over core breeding range through advisory and farmer initiatives

  3. research into factors operating during migration and at wintering areas

Last year’s fundraising equated to 9ha of installed Turtle Dove habitat in the Eastern Region. This year we hope to at least match if not better this, the more we raise the more that becomes possible!
Turtle Dove plots installed following last years fundraising.

Turtle Dove plots installed following last years fundraising.

Follow our journey via this blog from the 18th April and support our fundraising for Turtle Dove via the JustGiving page.
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One response to “Maltese Referendum – moving forward…

  1. Jan

    How can anyone wish to hunt these beautiful creatures. I hope they suddenly do not sleep easy at night in respect of their ‘hobby’. Shame on them killing God’s creatures for fun.

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