Dove Step 2 – day three


Daily distance: 113.6 miles 
Duration: 11:43:51
Cumulative distance: 138.77 miles
Weather: 17 degrees, 11mph South Easterlies, sunny. Like really sunny. Like a hotter Sahara. 
Best birds: singing Black Redstart in Calais, several roadside singing Nightingales and lots of singing warblers en route too. 
Before I regail you with today’s frankly preposterous mile eating. It’s worth remembering that the last two days we kayaked over 25 miles! The equivalent of a channel crossing. Mr Kurt Finch of Nomad Sea Kayaking had the following to say of the Dove Step teams efforts: 

I’m very proud of the groups efforts; it wasn’t easy, particularly day one and every member of the team showed guts and tenacity. Well done to all and best of luck to the lads in the rest of their tough challenge. Be strong and be safe.’

Of today’s 113 miles! The cycle team had the following to say: 
Stu (Norfolk resident); ‘Unusually long hills over here in France!’
Ed; ‘Thank goodness for the Garmin Edge (known lovingly as Gavin) – our only navigation, map, route plan, saviour and guide. Also, knowing that Jonny hadn’t even ridden a road bike six months ago, he gave a  pretty fricken impressive performance!’ 
Whilst the ride didn’t give Ed any fresh PBs he did consume a record 5 gels. For Stu; he clocked his greatest ascent in meters as well as the longest climbing distance. Plus got the most sunburnt whilst riding! 
For me (Jonny) everything was new! Despite my northern complexion I avoided sunburn with near hysterical levels of sun cream. I have clocked my longest climbs and distance. In fact the 113 miles is almost twice the longest distance I’ve ever covered before! 
The scenery was beautiful. The riding was at times incredibly tough. We ran out of food and water. I thought I was going to pass out half way up one particularly steep climb mid arvo. But we did it!
Having caught the ferry in the wee hours, cycled for so long and so far, I cannot really articulate the enormity of the day right now!
A more modest 75 miles to cover tomorrow – wish us luck! 
Please visit our JustGiving page and good night.


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2 responses to “Dove Step 2 – day three

  1. Sue Sandham

    Sleep well all! You’ve earned it. Well done!

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  2. fee

    Well done chaps! Keep up the splendid work and keep applying that sun cream Jonny!! Xxx

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