Dove Step 2 – day four 

Daily distance: 79.65 miles
Cumulative cycle distance: 193.25
Duration: 08:30:37
Cumulative distance: 218.42 miles
Weather: 23 degrees, 9mph South Easterlies, sunny – clear skies. 
Best birds: Cuckoos as we left Dieppe. Lots of farmland birds – but no Turtle Dove as yet.
Stu; ‘that’s the hardest climbing I’ve ever done. Ridiculously steep. We did, however, go through some stunning towns and villages.’
Ed; ‘we massively underestimated today. I really hope Jonny washes his cycling kit with travel detergent tomorrow.’
So we are now over 193 miles from Calais (in 2 days) and Stu and I are over 218 miles into the 700 mile triathlon called Dove Step 2.
Today was absolutely BRUTAL. With 80 miles of non-stop climbing, a crash and a 20 minute jaunt into the woods… lost.


In addition to this, in order to avoid some major roads, we ended up covering close to five miles on crazy farm tracks. Puncture count now at four. All on my bike.
Tomorrow is another (90 mile) day. 


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2 responses to “Dove Step 2 – day four 

  1. Sue Sandham

    Glad all proceeds well. Ed’s progress reports are much appreciated!


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  2. All power to your elbows good Sirs! And your knees I guess, and any parts that are experiencing chafing.

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