Dove Step 2 – day five

Daily distance: 94.52
Cumulative cycle distance: 287.77
Duration: 08:14:52
Cumulative distance: 312.94 miles
Weather: 18 degrees average – 30 degrees max, 12mph Easterlies, sunny – clear skies. 
Best birds: reeling roadside Grasshopper Warbler, Nightingale singing away outside our digs this eve. 

Stu; longest decent ever done. Getting more comfortable descending at speed
Ed; group efficient! We worked really well as a team today. Ate the miles and the best thing was there was no puncture (from Jonny). Far fewer navigational glitches too
Milestones: half way and three out of six days into the cycle leg. Over 300 miles into this year’s journey for Turtle Doves! Nine days of endurance left to do!  


Despite a wealth of road side birds; with a multitude of warblers, Nightingales, a few raptors and lots of farmland birds. We are yet to encounter a Turtle Dove! We eagerly await our first!
This evening we are staying in Le Man which excites the motor sports fans in the team. I am happy with the Nightingale singing away outside of our window on an otherwise lacklustre industrial estate. 
Big day of over 100 miles tomorrow so going to sleep-bank for an early start and more mile-eating for Turtle Doves. 
Be sure to visit our JustGiving if you are able. Tomorrow we break the 400 mile barrier! 



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2 responses to “Dove Step 2 – day five

  1. Marj Moore

    Doing well boys! Enjoying the trip, hope all is well, Stu’s mum x

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  2. fee

    Well done! Keep up the impressive work xx

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