Dove Step 2 – day six

Daily distance: 112.4
Cumulative cycle distance: 400.17
Duration: 09:52:97
Cumulative distance: 425.34 miles
Weather: 21 degrees, 5mph westerlies, sunny – clear skies.
Best birds: Great White Egret, lots of Cuckoo, Nightingale from first waking till the end of the cycling day at various locations, Common Sandpipers, Woodlark and lots of Terns. But still no Turtle Dove!
Stu; feeding at the end of the day, stretching on the grass and beatific weather! Non-stop countryside all so different to the UK.
Ed; seeing the Hotel F1 sign at the end of the day 


Today was the defintion of endurance. It is now dawning on me the implications of what I set out to do; a channel crossing equivalent and whole country traverse – for Turtle Doves. 
We have have, over the last 4 days, cycled over 400 miles and spent over 39 hours in the saddle. 
We have spent 41% of the last four days cycling. Which doesn’t leave too much time for feeding, sleeping and recovering.
This journey is immense. Although I perhaps didn’t understand the scale of it whilst formulating the idea – I couldn’t be happier! 
The number of UK breeding Turtle Doves have declined by 96% in my lifetime. Extreme situations require extreme responses. I am proud that Dove Step 2 is just that. 
Stu has a handy phone pocket on his cycling Jersey which means he’s taken many of the photos to date. So this eve we’ve made sure there is plenty of Stu pics – for Mrs Moore and the Stu fans.  



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