Dove Step 2 – day seven 

Daily distance: 91.40 miles 
Cumulative cycle distance: 491.57 miles 
Duration: 08:44:26 
Cumulative Dove Step 2 distance: 516.74 miles
Weather: 22 degrees, 5mph South westerlies, sunny – early cloud cover giving way to true blue!
Best birds: Hoopoe – two heard and one seen in flight, the ever present Nightingale and a Black Kite. 
Oh, plus seven (yes 7) TURTLE DOVES! We encountered 4 huddled together on telegraph wires. Then a pair at a crossroads – one of which was purring away. We finished  with one more bird happily perched in the roadside thickets. Awesome. Absolutely awesome. 
Perhaps telling it took over 500 miles of cycling – away from the UK – plus over 90 miles of cycling today to encounter a Turtle Dove. I am delighted, inspired and buoyed for the remaining miles of endurance. 
Speaking of which Sir Rob of Dove Step 1 fame is arriving into Bordeuax to coincide with our completion of the cycle leg tomorrow. 
This of course means we are going straight from kayaking over 25 miles, cycling 560+ miles and into walking over 150 miles
However, as I said yesterday, extreme situations require extreme responses. We may have seen 7 Turtle Dove (across 90 miles of cycling) today but even here on the continent they have declined 74% since 1980.  



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One response to “Dove Step 2 – day seven 

  1. Hilary Milburn

    Fantastic work so far, gentlemen. What a way to see La Belle France at her best, although you might not be appreciating that fact at the moment…..

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