Dove Step 2 – day eight

Daily distance: 78.18 miles 
Cumulative cycle distance: 569.75 miles 
Duration: 09:10:26 (with enforced break in Blaye waiting for ferry)
Cumulative Dove Step 2 distance: 594.92 miles
Weather: 15 degrees, 6mph South easterlies, early cloud cover giving way to sunny spells!
Best birds: Hoopoe – two heard and three seen close-to, the ever present Nightingale are now joined by many Black Kite. We also encountered just one Turtle Dove – whilst not matching yesterday’s heady heights of seven it was awesome non-the-less. 
Ed; ‘the ferry ride and relaxing whilst waiting for the ferry on the grass in Blaye. The smooth run into the finish at Bordeaux with the sun on our backs. Sad to be leaving the gruesome twosome after enduring, living, sleeping and eating together for six days straight‘. 
Stu; ‘good views of Hoopoe and shed loads of Black Kites. Loved riding through the masses of vineyards. The lack of predicted rain was very welcome too.’
Despite the reduced mileage at just below the eighty mile mark, perhaps owing to the cumulative fatigue, it was a hard day’s pedalling. 
We are now supping a beer and awaiting the arrival of our walking team leader Sir Robert Yaxley. The team are buoyed and I am unable to process the sheer distance we have covered. Fatigue aside we had no discomforts, injury, mechanical issue or crashes that stopped us in our tracks. 
The second leg of our 700 mile triathlon couldn’t have gone better. We feel we have justified the donations recieved via the JustGiving page and done Operation Turtle Dove proud. 
At this stage in our odyssey I have to whole heartedly thank our team leader Mr Ed Waterston for both enabling and executing our almost 570 miles through France. Epic doesn’t even come close. 
As we await Sir Rob and the hand-over from cycling to walking leg I just revived this quote to spur us on, across the remaining 150 walking miles and all the way to the Spanish border: 
‘In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.’ John Muir.

Please check back on our progress across the next six days and if you have not already visit the JustGiving page. 

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One response to “Dove Step 2 – day eight

  1. Sue Sandham

    Well done gents! What an achievement! It has been fascinating to track the journey so far. All the best for the walking stage!
    Stephen and Sue

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