Dove Step 2 – day nine

Daily distance: 26.35 miles 
Duration: 10:35:45
Cumulative Dove Step 2 distance: 621.27 miles
Weather: 17 degrees, 6mph South Westerlies, early rain giving way to prolonged sun!
Best birds: Bonelli’s Warbler, Golden Oriole, Dartford Warbler.
Sir Robert Yaxley, walking team leader, summarises today’s proceedings: 

Day one of the walking leg started well, with a welcome cool drizzle and the boys in high spirits after the amazing cycling leg.

We ambled through the outskirts of Bordeaux before hitting the track south of the main Bordeaux to Arcachon railway. This, with a few minor diversions, provided a nice straight track for us, through flat and mainly forested country.

There were lots of birds, with Bonelli’s Warbler and Nightingale common, also Golden Oriole and Hoopoes. 

In the afternoon Stu hit a wall, with badly blistered feet, and very reluctantly we had to say goodbye to him. Thanks to him for all his efforts to get this far! Jonny and I carried on, now crashing in Biganos

Having said goodbye to cycle team leader Ed Waterston first thing it was crushing to also say goodbye to Stu Moore. Stu has done every leg to date which has inevitably taken it toll. We totally respect his decision to leave and given the rigours of the last 9 days it is fully understandable. Stu; whole hearted thanks for enduring, for Turtle Doves, for the last 9 days.

With the emotion of the day, the marathon distance, plus the bodily difficulties of switching from non-stop cycling to walking, I am shattered! 
The heat and distance meant inevitable hot-spots on the feet and my little toes bore the brunt today. I think they were already degraded from the cycling shoes. I managed the left toe well but didn’t get to the right in time. With gruesome consequences. It looks like I will loose the little toe nail on that foot.
Still, I don’t really notice them most of the time so I am sure I won’t miss it.
Hope to articulate further how insane the endurance and distance tomorrow – but right now I am spent! Good night. 
Onwards for Turtle Doves and please visit our JustGiving



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2 responses to “Dove Step 2 – day nine

  1. Daniel Rankin

    Keep up the good work. The end is almost in sight, if it was easy then everyone would be doing it.

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  2. It’s just a toe Jonny – what would Ranulph do?

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