Dove Step 2 – day ten


Daily distance: 29.55 miles 
Duration: 12:53:07
Cumulative Dove Step 2 distance: 650.82miles
Weather: 17 degrees, 18mph North Westerlies, early rain giving way to sunny spells then overcast. 
Best birds: 4 TURLE DOVE, Crested Tit
Sir Robert Yaxley, walking team leader, summarises today’s proceedings:

A testing day along straight tracks, first forest roads and then a brutal 15km along the highway. Both our feet took a pounding on the highway, and Jonny’s muscle fatigue was an issue. The sun, though never really hot, was strong and while Jonny borrowed my bush hat I was reduced to wearing undergarments on my head. But we did get to our destination at Parentis, and are now bivied out under the stars being slightly nibbled by small insects, c’est la vie!’


Next level endurance for me today. Over marathon distance again with the previous nine days of output catching up on my body. Muscle fatigue and physical exhaustion are hard to win over with the mind! 
Now tucked up in bivvy – will sleep a good sleep despite our less than salubrious surrounds! 

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