Dove Step 2 – day twelve

Daily distance: 28 miles 
Duration: 11:44:18
Cumulative walking distance: 101.9 miles 
Cumulative Dove Step 2 distance: 696.82miles
Weather: 20 degrees, 3mph Sorth Westerlies, cloud giving way to more blue skies! 
Best birds: 2 Whimbrel in roadside field, a seemingly constant stream of Firecrest! No Turtle Dove. 

Sir Robert Yaxley, walking team leader, summarises today’s proceedings:

This was always going to be a long day, with Leon the next strategic stop after Mimizan. After looking at the route, we made a decision to mainly follow roads. This was borne out by a brief detour on to tracks, where deep sand and the lack of signage soon became an issue. So, we plugged on down the road, stringing together villages and stopping for a quick refreshment in each! By the afternoon Jonny was catatonic with exhaustion, but impressively he just kept going. There’s a few blisters in the camp, but spirits are good!’


Little to add to Sir Rob’s synopsis but massively bouyed to have posted a 28 mile day! Onwards for Turtle Doves
Our JustGiving page is looking awesome this eve. I think of our fundraising tally for Operation Turtle Dove frequently whilst plodding along – a reminder to keep pushing!  

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One response to “Dove Step 2 – day twelve

  1. Sue Sandham

    Well done both of you! Get a good night’s sleep! All the best for the remaining days.
    Stephen and Sue

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