Dove Step 2 – day thirteen


Daily distance: 19.5 miles 
Duration: 09:29:02
Cumulative walking distance: 121.4 miles 
Cumulative Dove Step 2 distance: 716.32miles
Weather: 23 degrees, 7mph Sorth Westerlies, cloud giving way to yet more concerted blue skies and hot, hot sun! 
Best birds: Melodious Warbler, Sandwich Tern, Raven.

After yesterday’s gruelling 28 miles of road-pounding I was feeling raw! We bedded down expectant of a good nights sleep and serious rest and recovery. For me this wasn’t to be – sore hips and feet kept me awake and I got up more exhausted than when I went to bed. 

It took a while to wake the legs up this morning and even my best pace has only peaked at 2 – 2.5mph. This plod must have been incredibly tiresome for Sir Robert Yaxley. However, he never once complained, indeed I have never heard him complain on any of our trips – no matter how grave, frustrating or unfair a situation. 
Despite my poor form we plodded to 19.5 miles and I type this in Hossegor just north of Capbreton. Our hotel room looks across to the Pyrenees forming the border between France and Spain. Whilst distance and time won’t allow us to make footfall on Spanish soil we will push as far as we are able in the morning. 
For all of yesterday and much of today I was head-down suffering, willing each step and swing of the leg. I cannot describe how it felt to see the Pyrenees and know we have traversed much of the whole country. I hope Dove Step 2 followers and supporters are not disappointed we won’t make the border. I can assure that we have pushed for as long and as far as our bodies allow. 
Crucially when undertaking a ‘A 700 mile journey for Turtle Doves‘ today we smashed the 700 mile barrier and I type this with the waves of the Atlantic breaking and looking across to the Pyranees and Spain before them. 
One more day of walking – for Turtle Doves – then this 700+ mile odyssey is over! 


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3 responses to “Dove Step 2 – day thirteen

  1. Sue Sandham

    Not disappointed at all! Your achievements are fantastic. Well done to the Dove Step team!

    Stephen and Mum xx

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  2. Kath Hamper

    you’ve done what you set out to do – everything else is sprinkles on the ice cream!! Well done, no disappointment here!!

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  3. Hilary Milburn

    Nobody could be disappointed in what you have done. As a Francophile, I’m envious of the way you have seen the country in a very close up way, unlike crossing such a huge country by car or train. Wimps like me consider your efforts to be utterly heroic. Good luck with the final limp/stagger and enjoy your last day. Then find a table in the sunshine, order deux bieres and put your poorly feet up.

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