Dove Step – stat attack!


  • Over the first two Dove Step journeys we have covered 1032.72 miles.
  • This 1032.72 miles has been covered in a total of just 27 days.
  • An average ‘Dove Step day’ of 35.8 miles per day.
  • Over the 27 days we have spent 124 hours enduring. 
  • An average duration of 8.8 hours endurance per ‘Dove Step day’.
  • The cumulative walking distance in 19 days is 437.8 miles.
  • An average walking distance of 23.4 miles per day.
  • The 25.17 miles kayaked this year is more than the distance of a channel crossing. 
  • This year’s cycling distance was 569.75 miles.
  • An average of 95 miles cycled per day for six days. 
  • With your help as supporters the Dove Step team have raised, including for Gift Aid, a total £7.5k raised over the last four years!

Never give up


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